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New West Metals Inc. Offers a complete range of stocked Tool Steels for a variety of industries in Canada. Below you will find an overview of the vast Tool Steel product lines that are available

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Cold Work Tool Steels

Cold work tool steels comprise the family of tool steels with a combination of wear, toughness and compressive strength characteristics allowing heavy forming and cutting operations at room temperature.

Cold work tool steels are used for blinking or trim dies, forming dies, coining dies, drawing dies, punches, shear blades, knives, thread-rolling, dies, forming rolls or any other applications involving cutting or shaping of metals. These grades are also used as molds for abrasive plastic molding applications.

Grades of Cold Work Tool Steels

  • AISI 01
  • AISI A-2
  • AISI D-2
  • AISI D-4
  • AISI M-2
  • AISI M-4
  • AISI S-7 (Shock Resistant)
  • AISI S-5 (Shock Resistant)
  • AISI L-6
  • AISI A-11
  • AISI A-6

High Speed Tool Steel (Cutting Tools)

Includes T- Grade and M- Grade tool steel. They are used for cutting tools where strength and hardness must be retained at temperatures up to or exceeding 760 degrees Celsius or 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

T-1 is the most common T-Grade Alloy. The T1 tool steel is a general-use tool steel and is one of the original tungsten high speed steels.

M-2 grade is the common type of alloy. M-Grade tool steel was originally developed to reduce the amount of tungsten and chromium required, owing to the limited and uncertain supply of tungsten in the market.

Grades of High Speed Tool Steel

  • AISI M-1
  • AISI M-2
  • AISI M-3
  • AISI M-4
  • AISI M-7
  • AISI M-42
  • AISI T-1
  • AISI T-15

Hot Working Tool Steels

The H Grade Tool Steels were developed for strength and hardness during prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures. All of these tool steels use a substantial amount of carbide forming alloys.

Grades of Hot Working Tool Steel

  • AISI H-10
  • AISI H-11
  • AISI H-12
  • AISI H-13
  • AISI H-19
  • AISI H-21

H-13 is the most common hot working tool steel.

Mold Materials & Plastic Tooling

New West Metals Inc., a metal supplier in Canada, offer for the plastic tooling industry a complete range of tool steel, copper-based alloys, aluminum alloys and holder block steels (aluminum tooling plate).

Mold Steels are referred to as special grades. P-Grade Tool Steel is short for Plastic Mold Steels, which are designed to meet the requirements of Zinc Die Casting and Plastic injection moldings (dies).

Plastic tool steel and mold materials are used when a smooth polish is needed, improved resistance to corrosive and or abrasive polymers is required, and high thermal conductivity, uniformity, and reliability are required.

Grades of Plastic Tooling Materials

  • AISI T420
  • AISI T440C
  • AISI P-20
  • AISI H-13
  • AISI S-7
  • AISI A-6
  • AISI A-2
  • AISI D-2
  • AISI M-4
  • AISI A-11

Drill Rod


  • O-1 Imperial & Metric
  • W-1 Imperial & Metric
  • A-2 Imperial & Metric
  • D-2 Imperial & Metric
  • S-7 Imperial & Metric

Standard Length 36" custom lengths available 12" To 72"

Flat Ground Stock


  • O-1 Flat Ground Stock
  • A-2 Flat Ground Stock
  • D-2 Flat Ground Stock
  • S-7 Flat Ground Stock

* Lengths Available in 18", 24"and 36"
** Surfacing & Blanchard Grinding available upon request (service added)

Pre Ground Bar & Plate

Stainless Steel Foil Wrap

For all your Heat Treating Applications

Dc53 Tool Steel

New West Metals is Canada's Distributor for DC 53 Tool Steel from Titus Steel Company Ltd.

Features and Benefits:

  • Higher Hardness (HRC 62-63)
  • Twice the toughness
  • 30% faster machinability
  • Longer life ( 2 x 5 times)
  • Less movement after heat treatment
  • Reduce chipping
  • Cracking and wear
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