We offer a complete range of stocked Bronze Alloys in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and shapes, including Tube, Round bar, Hex bar, Hollow bar, Plate, Sheet, and Angle

Bronze Alloys are available as:

  • Continuous cast
  • Centrifugal cast
  • Sand casting
  • Sintering casting
  • Extruded Cold Drawn

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660 Bronze (932000 SAE)

This is a general-purpose bearing alloy with a wide range of applicability. 660 Bronze utilizes a combination of tin and zinc for cost effective strengthening.

Typical uses include general utility bearings & bushing, washers, cylinder liners and linings for hydraulic presses

C95400 9C Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum Bronze is the highest strength standard copper-based alloy and the most popular of the aluminum bronze group. It offers high yield strength, exceptional toughness, good resistance to wear, fatigue and deformation under shock and overload.

Typical uses are bearing & bushings, spurs, gears, worm wheels, wear strips and valve components

Other Bronze Alloys

Leaded Tin Bronze

  • C92200
  • C92300
  • C92700
  • C92800
  • C93200

Leaded Red Brass

  • C8400

Manganese Bronze

  • C86300
  • C67300

Aluminum Bronze

  • C95400
  • C95500
  • C95900
  • C62500

Phosphor Bronze

  • C51000
  • C54400 B-2 Free Cutting

High Lead Tin Bronze

  • C93400
  • C93500
  • C93600
  • C93700
  • C93800
  • C93900
  • C94000
  • C94100
  • C94300

High Tin Bronze

  • C90300
  • C90500
  • C90700
  • C90800
  • C90810
  • C91000
  • C91100
  • C91300
  • C91600
  • C91700

Nickel Aluminum Bronze

  • AMS 4640
  • AMS 4880
  • AMS 4881
  • AMS 4590 SAE 841 Oil Impregnated Bronze "Oilite"
  • SAE 863 Powdered Metal Bronze
  • C89835 Lead Free Bearing Bronze
  • C22000 Commercial Bronze
  • C38500 Architectural Bronze

Silicon Bronze

  • C63600
  • C64200
  • C64210 Everdur 6421
  • C64700 Nickel Silicon Bronze
  • C65100 Low Silicon
  • C65300 Silicon Bronze
  • C65500 High Silicon Bronze
  • AC65600 Everdur 656
  • C65610 Silicon Bronze
  • C65620 Silicon Bronze
  • C66100 Leaded Silicon Bronze

Specifications Available

  • ASTM B505 Continuous Cast
  • ASTM B271 Centrifugal Cast
  • ASTM B584 Sand Casting
  • ASTM B438-70 Sintered
  • ASTM B439-70 Sintered
  • ASTME B150
  • AMS4640 Extruded Cold Drawn
  • SAE J463 Extruded Cold Drawn
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