3 Benefits Of Diamond Plate


You've definitely seen it a thousand times, but you may not have known the name of the shiny metal sheet with a raised pattern of alternating diamonds or lozenges. You have probably walked on it in parking lots, noticed it on stairs and at loading docks, or seen it on the walls or ceiling at a trendy club. Its official name? Diamond plate.

Also known as “checker plate”, "tread plate" or "floor plate," diamond plate is commonly used in a wide variety of applications. Its signature raised pattern, sometimes also in a checkerboard arrangement, makes it one of the most distinctive types of metal sheet. It can be made from steel or aluminum depending on its function and has multiple benefits. Read on to find out why you might want to include tread plate in your next project!


That one word really says it all. The added texture in diamond plate increases its slip resistance and makes it ideal for everything from running boards to handicapped access ramps. Need to prevent falls or increase the safety of a specific site or location? Tread plate is the perfect material for the task.

While metal can be slick and slippery, tread plate's slip-resistant surface reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. It is often used in walk-in freezers, on loading docks, in truck beds, emergency vehicles, elevators, ladders, and food processing facilities, just to name a few. No matter the project, safety is always a high priority, and high-traffic areas are the perfect places to increase traction. Diamond plate can help.

Durability & Cleanliness

Tread plate is most often made of either steel or aluminum. While steel does include iron, which can rust, stainless steel diamond plate is much more corrosion-resistant. Likewise, aluminum diamond plate is highly durable and long-lasting. For job sites or projects that require a material with long-term durability, either stainless steel or aluminum tread plates are ideal options. As an added bonus, both types of plates maintain their shine and are aesthetically appealing in the long term.

At this moment in time, surfaces that are easy to sanitize are in particularly high demand. And diamond plate delivers. Both steel and aluminum tread plate hold up well to harsh chemicals and are practical options for areas that need to be regularly cleaned and kept sterile. From commercial kitchens to hospitals and from bathrooms to walk-in freezers, tread plate is extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Corrosion resistance and cleanliness are a winning combo, and diamond plate is up for the challenge!

A Girl's Best Friend

The diamonds in tread plate may not glitter like the ones in a jewellery case, but they’re still aesthetically appealing, and the material is often used for decorative purposes. Depending on the setting, tread plate can create a trendy metal aesthetic and is used on walls, ceilings, and even furniture as well as for flooring.

Countertops? Sure. Does your company sign need a pattern or accent? Try tread plate. Tread plate is also available in a variety of finishes so if you're looking for something long-lasting and a little trendy, why not give it a try?

New West Metals

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